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New Gardens Springing up in Abandoned Warehouse District

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Shotwell! It sounds like a pun, as in "that is what you will be if you stand here for too long," but it is simply the name of the street. Nothing more! On the scariness scale, it's not quite as bad as the thick of the Tenderloin, but it is also not quite Chestnut Street. And have you seen all those new gardens on the sidewalks lately? Dwell Magazine recently took a break from its round-the-clock coverage of wooden slats to address the proliferation of casual gardens on the sidewalks of SF.

Architect Jane Martin deserves the thanks for much of the work: not only did she get the DPW to reduce the necessary permitting from $938 to as low as $160, but she founded Plant SF, a site that documents sprouting sidewalk gardens and encourages folks to plant their own. But sadly, her site employs popups, which has caused all of our goodwill to evaporate. Boo.

· Where the Sidewalk Ends [Dwell]
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