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That's Rather Hideous: Wall Treatments Gone Wrong in the Mission

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We've never understood the logic behind home owners lack of an effort when it comes to selling their homes. Granted, we don't always know why they're selling the place, but you'd think they'd understand that you'll get more interested buyers (and sell faster) if you spruce the pace up a little. A real estate agent doesn't just show up without notice to snap some pics of your home, how about taking a day or two to de-clutter the joint? Or at least clean off the coffee table. Perhaps get rid of the carpet on the toilet seat. Or maybe even strip the walls of the faux wood wall paneling and throw up some nice and simple beige paint. We don't know. But for $499,000 this 3-bedroom, 1-bath home at 2955 26th Street in the Mission could be yours. Clutter and questionable wall treatments possibly included.
· 2955 26th Street [Redfin]