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Ugly Candlestick Land May Be Made Differently Ugly

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Last month, we wondered what would happen to Candlestick Park if The Sports moved to Santa Clara. One commenter predicted that because the baseball park is historic (as in, more than a few years old) it would never be bulldozed. Other commenters predicted super-expensive LEED housing that would remain perpetually at 20% occupancy. Still others hoped that the city would simply start digging a big hole in the ground, to see how deep a hole they could dig. Anything is possible!

And the speculation doesn't end there: According to a local newsletter for hobos and convicts, Lennar may buy a bunch of the nearby public lots; in exchange, the city would get some strips of polluted Hunter's Point. What a deal!

Mark Leno, who is involved for some dumb reason, defended the plan; he says that much of the land that Lennar would get is just a dirt parking lot. Satellite view seems to bear this out: this "state recreation area" looks pretty desolate. Even the state's own photos of the area are of an empty, half-dead field.

So, right now our options are an ugly park that nobody uses, or ugly condos that everyone will hate, or an open pit of festering chicken carcasses and battery acid. We know which one we're hoping for!
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