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Removing Ocean Beach from Ocean Beach

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We wish Ocean Beach would stop acting like a child and just accept that there's a highway next to it now. Gentrification, get used to it! Just kidding. Sort of. Today city employees will begin their annual task of removing sand from Ocean Beach, and the adjacent walkway and highway between Noriega and Santiago streets in the Outer Sunset. They'll "relocate it a bit south to shore up an eroding seawall." The work will take about a week. The Great Highway will be shut down to traffic in the southbound direction between Lincoln and Sloat boulevards pretty much all day, so choose your route wisely. It's costing us $55,000 and it'll take about a week. The relocating takes place during the same time as the breeding of the western snowy plover, which goes on a vacation to places like Half Moon Bay to breed and raise their chicks.
· the sand removal must go on [SF Gate]