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Join us in Welcoming Two New Palms to Dolores

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San Francisco is now two trees richer! Thanks to the city's Urban Forestry crew, two 18-foot palm trees were just installed on Dolores between 30th and San Jose. Let us henceforth refer to them as Lucy and Ethel.

The Chron estimates they cost about a couple thousand apiece -- yikes! But San Francisco adores trees -- possibly because they give us massages -- so as far as we're concerned, it's just about the least objectionable thing that the city spends money on.

And speaking of palms, have you seen the majestic gateway at the recently-reopened Milton Marks Library in the Richmond? Two tall palms frame the entrance, and the interior is a great mix of modern renovations and historical preservation.

Is there a walking tour of San Francisco's finest palm trees? Somebody get on that, please.

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