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Institute on Aging Still Gestating

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The Coronet Theater on Geary came down in 2007 to the barely-muffled sobs of theater fans around the world; two years later a jungle gym of steel and concrete is slowly emerging from the rubble. Once it's up, it'll provide services to elderly San Franciscans, many of whom have been scampering for years with pink plastic shopping bags across the terrifying freeway that is Geary. You can keep an eye on progress via this handy webcam, which was brought to our attention by an anonymous commenter. (PS: Why are so many of you commenters unregistered?)

For now, it looks like they're doing their best to preserve the art-deco-ish sidewalk pattern that marked the entrance to the Coronet, which is a nice touch. Or, given the level of dust and debris, possibly a little Bioshockey.
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