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Prefab Houses Cheap, Ecological, Come With Stables for Unicorns

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USA Today profiles architect Michelle Kaufmann, who couldn't find a cheap, eco-friendly home in SF. "So she built her own," explains the article. Easy as that! What could be simpler! Why aren't you building your cheap eco-friendly house in San Francisco right now? Okay, technically, she actually had to build it in Novato. (Same thing though right?)

The article's all about eco-friendly modular dwellings, and goes on to profile Living Homes, (of course they're on Twitter) which can plop a factory-built house down on whatever plot of land you happen to occupy. Wouldn't it be a hilarious prank to call them up and order a house to somebody else's address!

So anyway, what this article teaches us is that it is totally easy to build an eco-friendly house in San Francisco, as long as you do not build it in San Francisco. Just move to Novato! They'll be DELIGHTED to see you.

· Prefab homes sprout green designs, improve affordability [USA Today]