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SF to (Hopefully) Win 'Best Restroom' Contest

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Yesterday afternoon City Insider broke the news that San Francisco's very own Macy's in Union Square might very well have the best public restroom in all of the country.

The restroom was originally designed for I. Magnin's department store in 1948 by Timothy Pfueger, and has been a piece of San Francisco's history ever since. "'s even been in some guidebooks, I believe," said Catherine Bartels, vice-president and general manager of Macy's Union Square.

Cleanliness and aesthetics came into play during the nomination process, but what was most important was how memorable the restrooms were. And memorable ours is. In addition to its gilded ceiling and its classical metal and marble wash basins, Macy's restroom (it's on the sixth floor, and sorry fellas, ladies only!) also has reflective, full-length stall doors.

But we haven't won yet, and we have heavy competition. There's a washroom in Las Vegas with a fountain, there's a Michigan theatre restroom with a fireplace... the list goes on.

The annual America's Best Public Restroom VIII contest is down to 10 finalists, and the winner is chosen by the people.

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170 O'Farrell St., San Francisco, CA 94102