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CA Plumbing Upgrades to Benefit SF

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Good news, everyone! Some large pipe was just successfully delivered to San Joaquin, just south of Tracy! You may be wondering why this is good news. Well: because it means that San Franciscans will not die of dysentery.

This section of pipe, though massive, is but a teeny tiny part of a ginormous project: the Tesla Treatment Facility. Currently just a big dirt patch, the site will eventually divert Hetch Hetchy water into a super-sophisticated water treatment facility. The $114 project (UPDATE: $114 million) will be finished in about two years, at which point it'll handle 315 million gallons of water per day, the largest such facility in California and the third largest in the United States. The current system is seventy years old and doesn't meet earthquake guidelines -- wait, WHAT? Seventy? We're drinking tap water that was cleaned in a seventy-year-old facility? That's ... quaint?

And also: in case you were wondering, of course the new facility has a blog. Sadly, nobody has commented on any of their thrilling posts. We depend upon you, the readership of Curbed, to do so.
· Hetch Hetchy Water System Improvement Program
· Tesla Treatment Facility [SFPUC]