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Parc 55 Gets a Makeover

Located at 55 Cyril Magnin Street, Parc 55 just completed its $30 million, 18-month redesign (oh, the money! How it flows!). The redesign happened in two phases and no part of its interior was left untouched. The completion of the design also included the debut of cityhouse, the hotel's "stylish" new eatery. The project was developed and executed by international acclaimed (but SF based, holler!) firm Gensler. The look they were trying to achieve was "modern, elegant, relaxed and comfortable, hewing to a color palette of rich browns and greys accented by subtle tones of red and blue." Oh, and they celebrated by hosting a 55-hour party that just ended. Our very own Matt Baume took photos for SF Appeal. Check them out here. [Parc 55 Hotel]