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That's Rather Sad: Lonely in the Haight

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We hate to imagine the poor chap who has been spending many an evening hanging out in his La-Z-Boy, watching Lettermen on that tiny television that is 14 feet away from his throne. Speaking of, is his TV "stand" actually just a piece of wood that is painted with what appears to be as a giant mouth yelling at you? Is it a Rorschach test? And that dirty rug! What is going on here. Are those saddles in the fireplace? Is that a real skull, for real? 1148-1150 Masonic Ave is for sale at $985,000, and we seriously suggest that the realtor take a quick trip to IKEA to pick up an Expedit here, and a Vokurg (we made that one up) there. Add a little life to the place!
· 1148-1150 Masonic [Redfin]