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75 Hawthorne Goes Green

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Hines, the real estate firm, has just received LEED gold certification for 75 Hawthorne at the Hawthorne Plaza, which comes in only second to the U.S. Green Building Council's numero uno rating, Platinum. 75 Hawthorne is also the first multi-tenant existing building in San Francisco to win LEED gold certification. This is big news for Hines, because they're fixing to keep their prime tenant, the Environmental Protection Agency western headquarters. The EPA occupies 265,000 square feet of the space, which is more than 75 percent of the building. Unfortunately for Hines, the EPA is (was?) currently looking to move because it wants to be apart of a green building (who doesn't these days). They're checking out 370 Third St., 1355 Market St., and 350 Bush St. They want to move into a building that has at least got a silver rating under the requirements of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Good news for Hines, then. Perhaps they'll keep their star tenant. In the meantime, congrats to 75 Hawthorne from us. Achieving a LEED rating is a difficult task to undertake, but if you've got the means and the ambition it's worth the cash, sweat, and tears.
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