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Jailed in Hayes Valley

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We kid, we kid. Well, sort of. Those are bars obstructing your view. But what view! It's 309 Steiner Street, Unit C. And it's the ground floor unit. Yeah, we'll take the bars, thanks. I mean really, who can take any apartment on the ground level and not want bars? Regardless of your neighborhood, that's a little too close to the masses. A pane of glass is just that, a pane of glass. And it's right above the sofa you'd be sitting on. Anywho, this very pretty Victorian was built in 1885 and was then split into condos. The one we're showing you is a 744 square foot 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit that's going for $599,000. It's got a brand new kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The hardwood floors are throughout the space and can we please take a moment to appreciate the very fine detailing on the border of the flooring in the master bedroom? Thank you. Since you're in Hayes Valley we'll assume you're one to partake in social activity, so the backyard with BBQ opportunities could be a real score. But here's what really peaked our interest: it's got a shared sauna. A sauna, people. After a night out at Jade or Absinthe or Nickies or wherever Hayes Valley folk go on a Friday night you can sweat it out in your freakin' sauna. That can't be too bad.
· 309 Steiner, Unit C [Redfin]