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Dept of Public Works Seeking Workers (Unpaid)

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Via the Department of Public Works' YouTube channel, we learned that they're seeking volunteers to help clean up and beautify the city. There are two interesting things going on here: first, the DPW has a YouTube channel? Second, isn't this sort of activity usually a sentence for misdemeanors?

Okay, to be fair, it actually looks like it might be kind of pleasant: planting trees, putting a fresh coat of paint on dingy walls, and hanging out with your neighbors to make your street more livable. One recent project involved greening up Mission Playground Pool; and the next one is this Saturday from 9am to noon at Justin Herman Plaza.

So, cynical though we may be, it's hard to be anything by upbeat about this friendly initiative. We'd love to learn more about it ... but at the time of writing, the DPW website is down. Hm. Maybe it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

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