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Prepare for New Bike Lanes by Sprucing up Your Bike

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Tonight from 6:30 to 8pm at REI: Learn how to get around town and how to pick up the pieces when your tires misbehave at the Bike Coalition's workshop: "How to Bike Anywhere and Fix a Flat." The three-year-old bicycle injunction is evaporating in a matter of days—why not mark the occasion by rejuvenating your bicycle? With all the new lanes and racks we'll be getting, your vehicle deserves a loving touch. Check out the list of planned upgrades; to be honest, the map of new routes doesn't quite bowl us over. Even with the added paths, big chunks of the city still lack bike lanes—but of course, some of those chunks are also the hilliest, so maybe bike lanes simply don't belong there. [Streetsblog]