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That's Rather Hideous: Questionable Taste in Textiles

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We understand that the day star isn't always appreciated. She shines bright, and sometimes you have to buy heavy duty window treatments for your home so she isn't always invading your space. But floor-to-ceiling orange fabric? To match the "dark warm neutral" palette of your brown carpet and questionable bedroom furniture? Maybe it was an attempt of mixing "warm and cool" because of the lightly colored lavender accent wall. We don't know. We know it's hideous. Labeled a "contemporary" starter home, 682 Monterey in Sunnyside comes correct with all the horror you'd imagine upon entering a "lived in" home for sale that didn't get the pleasure of at best a remodel and at worst, a bland stager. The hard part about this is that the bones of the property are good (aside from the exterior facade). The floorplan is on point, and the architectural details are there. It's just the textiles. Take a look at the living room. When your eyes stop bleeding imagine a big ol' beige and boring sectional, a black console and coffee table, and perhaps a funky rug and some cool local art. Maybe a plant or two. Ten times better, yeah?
· 682 Monterey Blvd [Redfin]