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Head to Head: Mediterranean or Victorian in the High 700Ks?

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These two lovelies were too similar to pass up, so let's have ourselves another round of Head to Head. On the left side of the ring we have 154 Tiffany, a Victorian in the Mission. She weighs in at 1,417 square feet and is a 2-bed, 1.5-bath flat. Built in 1900, she's currently on the market with an asking price of $779,000. In addition to tons of period details, built-ins, and plenty of natural light, 154 Tiffany comes with a rear patio and two-car parking. We're also really digging her very beautiful hardwood flooring and great use of contemporary ceiling fans in the kitchen area. Bonus: If you are good with tools, it is possible to tunnel directly into the kitchen of the nearby Mitchell's Ice Cream. On the right side of the ring we have 1491 17th Ave in the Inner Sunset. She's a little bigger at 1,528 square feet with 2-beds and 1.5-baths. For $789,000 this Spanish/Mediterranean beauty can be yours. Built in 1932, she's packed full of "drama" and "style" like vaulted ceilings, arched doorways, and an impressive fireplace. The newish kitchen also have a Viking range, which would make any of your chef friends swoon. Dare we say it, but we are absolutely impressed with her very gorgeous dark wood or white trimmed doorways and windows throughout the entire house. So, dear readers, what'll it be? Pretty in the Mission? Or dramatic in the Inner Sunset?
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