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Improved Bike Facility Coming to Berkeley BART, But SF Still Can't Have Nice Things

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[Bikes! by Dan Harrelson]

The Downtown Berkeley station has accommodated bikes for few years now, but, per Streetsblog, they're finally getting an upgrade: the new facility will offer bike repairs, rentals, classes, showers, and lots of sexy calf muscles. Not to mention storage! It'll accommodate over 200 bikes, more than twice what the Embarcadero facility can hold. Which is to say, San Francisco is yet again shamed by its inability to keep up with growing regional demand for bikes.

But wait! We're a measly two weeks away from the expected certification of a report that'll finally clear the way for bike upgrades in SF—that's tons of lanes, racks, routes, and workshops all percolating and gathering pressure since 2006, finally ready to bust out of its injunction and get to work. So in two weeks, expect to see the city suddenly start talking about bicycles like they've spent the last few years at sea.

And we just know SF's bike plan going to be great, because it was put together by the same agency that oversees Muni. (Learn more about it on their website, which recommends that interested parties attend some workshops in May.) Oh, what's that, May was last month? Oh well. Another jorb well done, Muni! Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be over here in Berkeley, sighing jealously.
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