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City's 'Night Walks' Nearly as Sexy as Name Suggests

The Dept of Public Works recently released a new schedule for its Night Walks—a program which, we were disappointed to learn, has absolutely nothing to do with vampires. (Honestly, sometimes we wonder why we even have a Department of Public Works.) The program deploys a nocturnal team of deep-cleaners throughout the city at strategic points to make it less gross. Services include: "flushing sidewalks, cleaning and filling tree basins, steamcleaning City cans, education of City Codes, code enforcement and picking up litter." If you really use your imagination, at least 50% of those things can be made to sound naughty.

Delightfully, the city posted the schedule in Excel format, which is an AWESOME way to distribute information online. But fear not! We've taken the liberty of converting their schedule to a web-friendly format, sortable by date, district, or street; check it out over on Swivel to find out when they'll be in your neighborhood.
· Community Corridors Parnership [DPW]