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Visit San Francisco!

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The New York Times just put out an article detailing how to enjoy a a day in San Francisco is you are very rich or just normal rich. On $250 a day you can crash out at the just opened Hotel Vertigo over in Nob Hill, eat a "brick-size super burrito" in the Mission, spend $125 on salt and pepper shakers in the Inner Richmond, and then go back to the Mission for an Afrobeat dance-off. On $1,000 a day you can play "spot the escort" at the St. Regis, eat in North Beach, buy a braclet that says "Philanthropy is beautiful," and get tanked in the Haight or a fancy and magical hotel bar that has real gold woven into its draperies (true story). For the rest of us (poors), there's arguing with Muni drivers and BYOB parties in Dolores Park. [NY Times]