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A San Francisco Never Reveals Her True Age

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San Francisco turns 233 years old next weekend! Well, sort of, kind of, not really. The important thing is that we're holding a birthday party on June 27, from 11am to noon in the Presidio—specifically at the Pershing Square flag pole. Descendants of early California settlers will honor the founding of the Presidio. And get this: costumed horse riders will be present. Costumed as what, though? Spanish? American? Indigenous? The Presidio was inhabited by Spanish soldiers in the 1700s, then by the American army in the 1800s. And of course the Ohlone have a claim that predates any Europeans' by many centuries. Many MANY centuries. And before the Ohlone chased them out, San Francisco was inhabited by dinosaurs.
So how old is San Francisco turning, really? Whatever, as long as there's cake.
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