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Makeover Still Promised for Waterfront; Crowds Someday?

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The waterfront is getting a facelift, according to the Examiner. A "830-foot, lawn-covered wharf" is going up in place of the rotting piers and ramshackle wooden warehouses. We must admit we've always found the run-down waterfront to be picturesque in a "wretched hive of scum and villainy" sort of way; but having something green and pretty is probably for the best. Much like the Presidio, the waterfront is one of those pleasant urban places that just can't seem to attract many locals—when's the last time you went down there for a stroll?

Construction bids are planned for next year, with completion as early as 2012. But the renovation of waterfront wharves is moving agonizingly slowly, according to Jamie at the Ricon Hill Neighborhood Association. He'd like to see the Port speed things along by tapping into neighborhood parking revenue. And indeed, it was about a year and a half ago that Curbed was making optimistic noises about Pier 36's renovation, and we're still waiting to actually see work start. (Meanwhile, pricey upgrades to accommodate cruise ships are proceeding rapidly.) So we'll believe this latest announcement when we actually see someone start shoveling. Shoveling dirt.

Meanwhile, our attempt to learn more was stymied when we discovered that the Port of San Francisco's list of press releases hasn't been updated since 2008. Oh well, good enough for government work!
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