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PETA Urges Mayor to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

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And so it begins. Horses: do we let these adorable creatures that are basically unicorns without horns frolic in open fields so that they can eat rainbows and chase butterflies and kittens? Or do we force them to carry around our tourists, who are probably fatties and don't have any carrots or hay? PETA would like the former, or at least a ban on horse-drawn carriages. In an "urgent" letter sent to Mayor Gavin Newsom, the organization urged the mayor to ban the practice before "the next accident occurs." The letter came a few days after one of our very own got spooked and ran over anyone that got in his way (three people). According to PETA, this is inevitable, seeing that it happens in nearly every city that allows the evil and heartless practice. Tons of cities have banned it, including London, Paris, and Toronto. But SF is broke, so we don't think it'll happen. [Eye on Blogs]