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Apparently Divisadero Upgrades Are Still in the Works?

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Back in 2006, the Mayors Office of Economic & Workforce Development was ALL ABOUT rehabilitating automobile-friendly, pedestrian-antagonistic Divisadero. There was big talk about traffic calming, street furniture, wider medians, better crosswalks, and getting rid of those neighborhood-killing asphalt lots ... and then it sort of went away. We still get emails about art walks and farmers' markets, but the grand plans to make Diviz pleasant seem to have gone into hibernation. The most recent info we could find about it is a giant PDF from about 3 years ago. Even the DPW site says to check the official site for updates, but does not say where the official site is.
But what's this! The Mayor's office just announced that a bunch of federal stimulus funds are coming our way, specifically for Diviz upgrades: bus stop bulb-outs, trees in a widened median, landscaping, better lighting -- wow, everything we were holding our breath for back in 2006. Well, it's about damn time.
And the city's not stopping there: we're also looking at a few slightly-less-ambitious street paving and pedestrian upgrades in a bunch of other locations:
- Geary Street at 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd Avenues.
- Turk Street from Market Street to Van Ness Avenue
- Jones Street from Market Street to California Street
- 7th Avenue from Hugo Street to Judah Street, Kirkham Streetto Laguna Honda Boulevard, and Laguna Honda Boulevard from 7th Avenue to Dewey Boulevard.
The Department of Public Works isn't fooling around here: they're holding a meeting for interested contractors on June 11. All told, about $11 million is committed to the upgrades. Looks like it's really happening!