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Is That a Crack We Spy in SoMa's GlasDore?

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GlasDore, the SoMa residence with a "modern industrial vibe" at 30 Dore St, might be in a spot of trouble. A resident wrote in yesterday to tell us that he "just got a notice put on my Door at 30 Dore Street that the property has gone into receivership." Receivership: that warm, fuzzy kind of bankruptcy where one avoids certain doom by appointing a "receiver" to take care of business for you. The 42-unit building's website currently notes— and perhaps has for a while— that "the sales program at GlasDore at 30 Dore Street has been postponed. Please check back in the future." Says our informant: "No [sic] sure about the impact on other Baumeister Collective properties in SOMA." Cubix, you hangin' in there OK?
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