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Higher Density in Ingleside Means that Someday People may Actually Know Where it is

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Avalon's just going gangbusters these days -- their latest project to win Planning approval is a grocer/173-unit building slated for 1150 Ocean Ave. Residents can look forward to enjoying a lovely view: across the street is one of the largest parking lots in the city. But days may be numbered for that kind of low-density space-waster: Pedestrian amenities are in the works, and Development Director Meg Spriggs has lots of nice things to say about the neighborhood's transformation from abandoned asphalt to a transit-accessible, college-friendly village.
In fact, the only thing vaguely unsettling about the plan is this quote from broker Matt Holmes: "They have really built a great mousetrap there," he told the Business Times. Sticky floors?
· AvalonBay gets OK for $65M Balboa project in S.F. [SF Business Times]