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Tonga Room's Still Open, Why Don't We Landmark It!

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How we hate to miss a juicy rumor, even a false one: the Tonga Room was going to close today! At the Planning Commission hearing yesterday: "There was a rumor that was going around this week that the Tonga Room was shutting down this Friday, but it actually isn't shutting down." The commissioner goes on to say that "the scare, which was false," got her wondering what the hell's going on anyway with the Fairmont condos that ironically spurred the kitschy tiki bar's return to Friday night vogue. Perhaps, a city official responded, the Tonga Room might be landmarked, as per "blog discussion"? Then again, it's a business, and it's "hard for the city to say you can't shut down a store or a business." Hmm.. was that a challenge?
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[Still open Tonga Room via luisvilla]

Tonga Room

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