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Will Twisty Cylinder Survive a Joint Vote?

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The twisty cylinder at 555 Washington faces a crucial test today in a joint vote— because the relatively tall building is predicted to cast shadows on existing parks (sound the alarms!), it will need approval by both the Planning and Recreation & Park commissions in order to move forward. In a quid pro quo alluded to before, the gifting of the existing Redwood Park to the city is hoped to make up for the fact that "up to 4.6 percent" of Sue Bierman Park could be covered by a cylindrical shadow. There's also concern over the building's height, though the city planner at the wheel notes only two people who have officially registered their objections. More to come... in the meantime, architect Jeffrey Heller has fingers crossed for a love connection between 555 Washington and the neighboring Transamerica Pyramid: the former is "so slender," "round," and "passive." He adds, "That's a good relationship between the two buildings." Awww.
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