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Preservation Freakout Continues, Some Wonder Why

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There's no shortage of friction over the latest historic preservation moves by the city, so let's take a quick tour around town to catch up. First, over at The Snitch, a Torah-length rundown summarizes the angst laborers feel over "11th hour" NIMBY preservationism (and the presumed loss of their jobs). A planning commissioner at the rally says the discussion lacks "reason and balance." At the SFBG Politics Blog, an architectural historian thinks, "It’s not that much strengthened, frankly. In some ways, it’s weaker than the old board." Civic Center blog, who checked out the rally, caught this comment on SFBG: "There are plenty of parking lots in this town... that's where new buildings are going up and where they should go up. ... Further, renovation of historic buildings is one of the more well-paying areas of the construction field." And finally, a preservationist stresses that with the new articles, "the level of review and analysis is no less. Additionally, historic districts are not 'declared' if the majority of property owners in the proposed district do not agree with it." So, is everyone cool?
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[Construction workers check out the tree hats, via Civic Center]