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Beggars Are Choosers: Rankled By Argenta's "Pet Rent"

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Civic Center's Argenta has a mantra— "Let me give you one piece of advice: be honest." A dissatisfied prospective writes in, however, to tell us they're not doing a bang-up job of following their own advice:

I took a tour of the Argenta the other day, loved the amenities (although the prices were a bit on the high side, we did notice that the rent had come down over the past few weeks), but was ready to hold an apartment on the third floor with a large patio (there are only four units on the third floor with the patio). We asked about their pet policy ($500 deposit for pets under 25 pounds, and a $50 a month "Pet Rent"), and told them we would sleep on it. The very next morning, we called to tell them we would take the apartment if we could get rid of the ridiculous "pet rent", to which we were told that, whoops, we couldn't rent anything below the 5th floor with a dog. Why was this not brought up during the tour? Because the leasing agent "totally forgot". The reasoning behind this is because the "manager doesn't want dogs tearing up the landscaping that lines the patio units". However, they allow children on the third floor, which in my case would be more likely to "tear up the landscaping" than my 20 pound French Bulldog. The best part? They've been open for about a month and only have a few tenants on upper floors, and are pretty much empty. Already turning away rent! Good plan, Argenta! I wouldn't trust these guys at all. Maybe Sexpigeon said it best: "What a hilarious time to be a large building."
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Argenta Apartment Homes

1 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102