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Neighborhood Name Update! NoPa Makes Cut, Dogpatch No

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Call it NoPa, not Western Addition, and Barbary Coast, not the Financial District, says a new nabe name map put out by the San Francisco Association of Realtors— because there's little else more important than having a trendy name to put under your listing. The map, four years in the making (!), is meant to "reflect a true change and feel of the fabric of a neighborhood," rather than supposedly fake monikers like the TenderNob. Fair enough; so what other lines got drawn? Yerba Buena, for one. Cole Valley, too. Sadly, the "gritty" Dogpatch, which just weeks ago got spotlighted in the New York Times as a totally legit neighborhood, didn't make the cut— it's still the "Central Waterfront." Pshaw, who lives in the Central Waterfront?
· Familiar S.F. neighborhoods gain new names [SF Gate]