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SoMa's Glimmering Hotel With See-Through Pool

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It's been well over a year since we last took a gander at Hotel SoMa, a six-story, 75-room (though the architect's page says 64) project of Metrovation that'll be located at 690 Fifth St— and has an eyebrow-raising see-through pool. Designed by David Baker, the hotel will replace a two-story office building at Fifth and Townsend. As we noted in 2007, Hotel SoMa will be chock full of the eco-bullet points: bike rentals, LEED certification, energy-efficient LED lights. There'll be a restaurant/bar on the ground floor, and the hotel's proximity to the Caltrain station will mean staycation opportunities aplenty for South Bay visitors. Especially the kind who want naughty up-trunk photos of them taken by street-level passersby.
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