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Rumormongering: Whole Foods Haight Loses Condos!

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Could it be? After a protracted fight, after the builder suggested Haighters might have to "beg" them to build, after a whole squad of soccer dads showed in force to push through its approval— might the Whole Foods condo project at Haight and Stanyan lose its condos? SocketSite prints a matter-of-fact tip from someone whose loved one attended a Whole Foods meeting: "...It was told to them that the Stanyan Project has been scaled back to be just like the Noe Valley project. No external construction - no condos, just a interior gutting of the old Cala foods and a small format Whole Foods going into it." Oh, the humanity.
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UPDATE: The SF Business Times confirms the death of the project as we knew it. Developer Mark Brennan said the "fees were prohibitive"— $5 to $6 million for the permits — and cast blame on the 32-month entitlement process. "If this had started when it was supposed to start we would have already turned the shell over to Whole Foods." Now, they're "in talks" to build a Whole Foods in the existing former Cala Foods on the site.

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