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Head to Head: Brick & Timber or Victorian for $899,000?

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Condos are treading water, single-family homes are eyeing an upswing. Once, both riding high on buyers' confidence; now one is being left in the dust (more than the other). So which would you, dear reader, go for? New or old? Urbane or homey? Cold or warm! (Hearing every intimate detail of your neighbors' lives or... not?) A head to head comparison is perhaps in order. With only 2-beds, 2-baths, and a price of $899,000 in common, 355 Bryant #107 and 1029 Rhode Island couldn't be further apart. One is SoMa; the other, Potrero Hill. One's a little bit country. The other? A little bit of rock 'n' roll. One goes out on the town every other night— the hip, well-monied social butterfly. The other goes out fairly often, but you know, is just as likely to be curled up on a Crate & Barrel couch reading the latest Michael Pollan missive. And probably knows all about strollers. So which is it, guys: "livable historic brick" and "soaring 20 ft ceilings" or stylishly updated Victorian with "beautifully landscaped garden"?
· 355 Bryant #107 [Redfin]
· 1029 Rhode Island [Redfin]