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Curbed Inside: Sneak Preview of the SPUR Urban Center

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Urban policy think tank SPUR officially launches their new Urban Center tomorrow, which means it's crunch time for the thinkers. Curbed was on hand yesterday to smell the fresh paint at 654 Mission and watch as things got attached to walls. The $18 million center marks the organization's foray into a more public life— moving from a stuffy HQ in the FiDi to a flashy new Pfau Long-designed building with a library and exhibition space open to the public. The eco-amenities are many: dual-flush toilets to save water, showers for the sweaty SPUR bikers, crushed sunflower seeds pressed into cabinetry, and a no-maintenance balcony garden for that daily moment of Zen. Party starts tomorrow, with an open house and tours on Friday.
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UPDATE: More words at The Architect's Newspaper.