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PriceChopper: Shipping Containers Sink a Bit

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Quite the rollercoaster ride this shipping-container-inspired contemporary home in Presidio Heights has been on. Purchased for $2.2 million in 2005, it was subsequently gussied up and returned, post-makeover, to market marked up by $5.5 million— to $7,700,000. Alas, as the fates would have it, October 2008 perhaps wasn't the time for such exuberance, even for a 6-bedroom 4-bath. The asking price tumbled to $5,995,000 in February of this year. Now! Another $300,000 off the top. At $5,650,000, you save $2,050,000. But might one save even more?
· 3577 Pacific Ave [Redfin]