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Rincon Hill 84-Footer Approved, Light-Blockage and All

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Last night, 430 Main St / 429 Beale St, a project that got a few buckets of flak from both nearby residents and city officials for steamrolling into the neighborhood, walked away from a public hearing with an approval. The eight-story, 84-foot building will have 113 units and 57 underground parking spaces. But the central issue that led to residents rising up against developer Portland-Pacific, the height of the building and thus the obstruction of "light and air" from lower-level courtyard-side units in neighboring BayCrest, went unfixed. According to the president of Portland-Pacific, they "cannot come up with a viable project that enables them to keep their view." Alas! Sounds like one of the project's more vocal opponents has softened his stance a bit, though: "I am hopeful that the additional residents who move to Rincon Hill will help us get closer to the critical mass of population needed to attract more neighborhood serving businesses."
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