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Prepare for Battle: New Rent Laws Up for Consideration

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Four laws that would beef up renter protections are wending their way through the system: three of them first surfaced a couple months ago and would do things like expand the rights of tenants to add roommates, and limit the amount of rent increases that could be saved up and unleashed on renters all at once. The fourth, a new one that's hopping on the body pile, would according to the Chron "give eviction protections to tenants in non-rent-controlled units," which stand at about 17,000 across the city. The proposal's supposed to save people who might be at the mercy of landlords who get foreclosed on, but the apartment owner folks are calling shenanigans: there aren't even that many foreclosures in the city, they say. The apartment association prez continues: "The city wouldn't have to spend money (fighting legal battles) if they stopped throwing hand grenades and sat down with us to create policies." A housing rights advocate has her own words: "A business income issue is extremely different than having a roof over your head."
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