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Upper Market Whole Foods: Even More Renderings

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The website for Prado Group's Whole Foods and residences at Market and Dolores has finally gone live. The fruit of all our waiting: lots and lots of squiggly renderings, plus some new insight into what's going down at the former car dealership. A brief recap: 80 residential units with about half of them two or more bedrooms. The project will be broken up into three sections, shortest at 45 feet along 14th Street, and higher at Market and Dolores at 85 feet each. There'll be outdoor cafe seating at the Market/Dolores intersection, and the planters— they'll be everywhere. Also: rainwater harvesting, and an endangered species butterfly roof. PDF overload at the website.
· 2001 Market [Website]
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Whole Foods

2001 Market St, san francisco, ca