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Rincon Hill's Turnberry Promises a Comeback

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There's little doubt that the 40-story luxe condo tower slated for 45 Lansing in Rincon Hill has been decisively axed. Their entitlement's expired, which generally means Florida-based developer Turnberry Associates can't sell the parcel to anyone with the phantom building intact— and they've gone on record to say it's over. Anyone who wants to build there will have to start from square one on the normally three- to five-year entitlement process. But then there are choice quotes like this from the company's president: "We remain bullish on Rincon Hill, and San Francisco overall, and fully intend to build this landmark tower. We must request a refund of these fees in order to address the costs associated with carrying the project for the foreseeable future." Guess we'll see you in a few years, then?
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