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Trinity Tops Off, Prepares for Swiveling Flat Screens

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The SF Business Times has a nice feature that's got, if anything, an eyebrow-raising detail or two about Angelo Sangiacomo's massive Trinity Place at Market and 8th. Oh, and they're finally calling it Trinity Place, rather than Trinity Plaza, which is the grubby-looking motel-turned-rentals that's already there. Check it out: we first reported a month ago that at 460 square feet, Trinity Place's studios are pretty (almost luxuriously!) roomy— turns out they'll also have separate living rooms and bedrooms, with a flat screen TV that swivels between the rooms. Phase I just topped off this week, according to the story, and Sangiacomo's feeling pretty pleased with himself. Regarding the housing bust (recall that the developer is paying cash for this project): "I'm not leveraged. I didn't go crazy. ... If you do a job, you do it once and you do it right. And then you live with your sins." As an aside: sounds like CitiApartments could have learned a thing or two from him. Trinity Properties is considering picking up some of their endangered buildings.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA