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Rent Check: How Sweet a Deal Is Trinity Plaza Anyway?

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Developer Angelo Sangiacomo rarely fails to note that current Trinity Plaza residents will get to move into the brand new Trinity Place at $600 a month for the rest of their lives— but others are just as quick to note that hardly anyone in the former motel still pays that rate. So if people are now rushing in to Plaza to "get a deal" on Place, as one commenter says, what kind of deals are they getting? For this furnished 1-bedroom: $1,975. Amenities: gym, pool, laundry, "courtesy patrol." One perk: $150 deposit, provided you're not a deadbeat. At that rent, though, new renters probably can't move in to the new building fast enough. Just one question: what's up with the two beds to a room?
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA