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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup: Gay SoMa, Crispy Fried in NoPa

1) An Ode to Contemporary in SoMa: "Glass Can Have Class": "Soma in the 1970's (before SF was overrun by homeless and mentally ill who congregate there because the streets are flat and accountability is not a high priority) was a burgeoning gay mecca. Leathermen celebrated their wild sides by night at numerous sleasy-fun clubs, and their interior decorating skills by day, buying up old buildings and outfitting them into super chic homes. ... the idea that the neighborhood was always down and out is a misstatement of historical fact. Pre Aids, Soma was was GRAND. Now what we have left is the SOMA GRAND. I prefer my glasses rose colored to bottle-blue."

2) Rendering Revelation: Transbay Transit Center & Funicular Extravaganza: "Overall, I like the design and I'm for any addition green space in the city. But the best parts of design intent are usually the first to be 'value engineered' so we'll have to wait and see.

What I want to know is how they plan to wash that undulating glass facade. Renders always look nice when they don't include mechanics for building operation and maintenance."

3) Tuesday PM Linkage: "I find what is happening in NOPA positively disgusting. Skinnywhiteyogabitches already destroyed Noe Valley, now they are honing in on what was a perfectly GOOD FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD and using every bit of that trust fund or gold diggers investment account to turn Divisadero street, the lifeblood and cultural center of western San Francisco that I was 'born' into after moving here to go to USF in 2001, into a fucking monolithic herbivore lined SUV strip mall. And like any suburban raised soul sucking pseudo elitist self important 'I live in San Fran therefore I'm sewww culturalized, lolz!' moron that lives here they make the urban experience feel like going into Popeye's, ordering an 8 piece bucket expecting juicy, flavorful, savory breast meat and drumsticks only to receive 8 little bony wings fried to the point of being dry, crass, and making you wish you just stayed home to suck on a lemon."

4) Tuesday PM Linkage: "Wow. I guess dead poultry and live Marina chicks aren't the only things getting a little too crispy fried on Divisadero these days..."

5) Crazy Signs: A Tale of Woe in the Lower Haight: "Someone up the street from me in the mission has a similar notice in her window except it says, 'If I Jane Doe, am found dead or harmed please suspect my landlords john smith and jane smith, etc etc blah blah.' It then lists all their phone numbers. I don't care how little rent you are paying - if you truly feel that your life is in danger, any rational person would move! I think it's all drama and innuendo.

When your rental situation starts to dominate your life, it's time to reassess your mental state..."