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Curvy Mid-Rise to Keep Fox Plaza Company

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SocketSite catches the latest hurdle to go down for a mid-rise residential building attached to Fox Plaza Tower at Market and Hayes. The 120-foot-tall, 11-story building will have 250 residential units and ground-floor retail. First, of course, would be demolition of the existing low-slung building (goodbye Starbucks and grody post office), and removal of 18 existing parking spaces. Parking for residents would be in Fox Plaza's existing structure. "Current plans call for the building to be clad in a combination of glass and stone with pre-cast elements, with punched square windows making up most of the Market Street and Hayes Street facades, while the Hayes-Market corner would be clad in a curving glass curtain wall that would extend up to an oval-shaped form on the roof." What do you say, guys? Time to show the '80s a little more appreciation!
· A Step Forward For The Plans To Expand Fox Plaza (1390 Market) [SocketSite]

Fox Plaza Garage

1390 Market St., San Francisco, CA