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Dear President Obama: Please Smite Down This Museum

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More or less as expected, opponents of the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio continued their barrage against Gap founder Don Fisher's plans last night. The complete, humbler redesign was a non-starter, and among the 250 the SF Examiner estimated to be in attendance (SF Citizen: 500), most were (again) strongly in opposition. Be impressed, though: the new (ish) architects did garner some "polite applause" — "sustained applause," according to SF Citizen! Meanwhile, over at the SFBG, the vice chair of the Board of Supes' Presidio working group has some stern words for the project: "We don't want an extravagant $50 million new gathering place in front of the Fisher museum ... We cannot bear the thought of the series of traffic signals inside the park." And! His fingers are crossed that President Obama will replace the Presidio Trust's board with his own appointees by June, in time to nip this nasty sucker in the bud. Take that, Bush.

UPDATE: Check out SF CItizen for models and more photos, including some happy, art-loving youth. Seriously? Young people, at a public hearing?
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