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Rendering Reveal: Lennar's Ode to Mission Bay

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Yesterday, Lennar took the wraps off the "opening act" of their 10- to 20-year redevelopment of the old Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Ooh, how Mission Bay of them! Or as the SF Examiner calls it, a "modern industrial architectural style that's becoming more common in the Bay Area." The architects on the project did compare the design to Mission Bay, as well as Altaire in Palo Alto and Blue Star Corner in Emeryville. The bay windows, of course, are indigenous to San Francisco. Revealed were two blocks of Innes Avenue, 63 residential units (City Insider says rentals, Examiner says condos) on the north side and 25 "earth-toned" townhomes on the south. Prices of market-rate homes are targeted at $400k to 700k, and could hit the market by mid-2011.
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