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Haters Say: CAMP Will Still Ruin Everything

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Tonight, the Presidio Trust Board of Directors faces the flame-throwing public again over the newly flattened Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio. As usual, a bevy of anti-CAMP speakers will hold forth before the scheduled hearing. So then, in the spirit of dialogue and bipartisanship (we showed you the Presidio Trust renderings last month), let's check out the Presidio Historical Association's renderings — and words! Decapitalized for your reading pleasure:

This mass of unnecessary, intrusive and incompatible new construction in a national park severely impairs the public’s ability to appreciate and understand the historic landmark. As a result, the status and protection of the Presidio as part of a national park and as a national historic landmark district would deliberately be placed at risk. It is unlawful for the Trust to do this.

350,000 visitors to Disney and all the park visitors to the park service visitor center would be forced to walk in front of the contemporary museum or the hotel on the way to view the heritage center planned in the Officers Club. Their experience and understanding of a remarkable historic setting would be ruined.

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