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On the Market: Four Bedrooms for $244,400

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PriceChopper for the $50,000 just chopped from asking price on this charmer? Or That's Rather Hideous for the checkered tile in the kitchen? Meh, let's go middle of the road and just talk about this 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath house in Vis Valley. A bank-owned number, the house is asking $244,400 at $142 per square foot. Isn't that how much a $5 footlong at Subway comes out to? This, clearly, is what they're talking about when they say people who are positioned to buy are getting some good deals. Probably a bit of a fixer-upper, but total shoo-in if you dig brick, or if you've always wanted to pretend you live in Norf London.
· 354 Valesco Ave [Redfin]