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Oops: Russian Hill Cottage Demolition Was Caused By "Glitch"

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An error, or "glitch" in the system, is what led to the improper demolition of the Russian Hill cottage at 1268 Lombard, according to the Chron. And by glitch, they mean that a building inspector who should have checked the house against a list of historic properties didn't. And then he didn't send the building permit request to the Planning Department, which would have ostensibly put the whole thing under magnifying glass. These system glitches are awfully convenient, no? Says one preservationist: "I am gravely concerned that permits to alter or demolish historic resources are slipping through the cracks." What's more, during the time 1268 Lombard was still the property of its previous owner, its current owner was granted a permit to open the building and perform repairs. Previous owner: "That sure is lax." Translation: wtf?
· Cracks in bureaucracy doomed historic house [SF Gate]