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PriceChopper: Sepia-Toned Wonder Wants You

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Remember our rather lovely sepia-toned 2-bedroom in the Inner Richmond? The one with the fairly rare front yard, going for $1,189,000? You said you had "no idea that a house in Richmond can command $879/ square feet," and, "I guess it's a nice place, but it's still overpriced by 50%." And reader Sparky strikes the final blow: "I'll start it off at $775,000, final offer!!!" Well, Sparky, how does $999,000 sound? Yes! So close! You save: $190K! Go on, buy yourself a diamond-encrusted iPhone.
· 241 7th Ave. [MLS]
· That's Rather Lovely: Sepia-Toned in the Inner Richmond [Curbed SF]